Bi-folding doors can be a welcome addition to any home, because they allow in lots of natural light and bridge the gap between indoor and outside spaces. They are a popular choice with homeowners who are reforming their homes and trying to maximise the use of space and light as much as possible.

Bi-folding doors can be the perfect choice for any style and age of property but from time to time they may need attention to keep running smoothly. Bi-folding doors are fitted with carefully balanced mechanisms and multi layered panels with precise measurements and angles that are built within their framework, this is what makes them work efficiently.

General wear and tear along with harsh weather conditions can affect the running of these kind of doors and that is where WeFix Windows & Doors Ltd come in.

If we can't repair it, no-one can!

For any type of bi-fold door repair, contact our experienced team, many of our customers have had our help for the following:

  • Damaged top and bottom runners replaced
  • Full service and re-alignment
  • Multipoint lock repairs
  • Sealed units replaced
  • Door Handle replacements
  • Faulty seals and rubber gaskets replaced
We provide these repairs and replacements on aluminium, uPVC and timber bi-folding doors!

We welcome all types of enquiries whether it is for a small or a large bi-fold door repair. We have been working in the industry for over 23 years and have repaired many bi-fold doors, so we have plenty of experience.

Every repair that we undertake is fully guaranteed.

If you are unsure as to what needs repairing on your bi-folding door, simply call us for some free advice and guidance. Call us today on Freephone 0800 669 6289, we are waiting for your call.